Our corporate offering focuses on the business first, whilst being acutely aware of the roles of both the entrepreneur and their employees within the business.  Quite often, the success of a business and the success of the entrepreneur go hand in hand.  Our team have the expert knowledge and the broader commercial awareness to support ambitious companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team have worked on a number of high profile exits in recent times, including the sale of a number of tech companies, nursing homes, and a large insurance brokerage.


We also have a wealth of experience on the buy-side, and have worked on a number of acquisitions; from due diligence, through structuring, to completion.

Pre-Sale Structuring

Often the most value adding advice we can give a client is 6 or more months before a 3rd party transaction. We regularly work with exiting entrepreneurs’ to best structure their tax strategy on exit.


At a corporate level, we review the structure and expected sale mandate often introducing personal holding companies, and / or carving out non-core activities or properties. At a personal level, we work with entrepreneurs to manage surplus cash, pension funding etc to achieve the best after tax outcomes.

Corporate Re-Organisations

Ireland has a very favourable tax regime for trading companies. Unfortunately, that favourable regime does not extend to property or investment companies. As both companies and the families of business owners grow, Balance Sheets and business succession tend become more complex.


We regularly review corporate structures, with two goals in mind. Firstly, we seek to minimising tax leakage, and best use reliefs available. Secondly, we aim to structure a corporate group to be flexible and dynamic for business succession.

ESOP's and Share Based Renumeration

Incentivising employees, particularly for tech and start-up companies, has become industry standard in recent years. Employees now often expect participation.


We have experience in advising on, implementing and administering a broad range of employee share schemes, ranging from traditional share options to the KEEP scheme, from Revenue approved schemes to flowering shares.

R&D Tax Credits

Research & Development tax credits are a fantastic tax incentive for technology companies. However, Revenue heavily scrutinise claims, and hence professional advice and assistance is must.


Our team have the experience of submitting in excess of 250 R&D claims, across all industries, ranging from the earliest start-up companies through to multi-national groups.


Click here to download our Research & Development Tax Incentives Brochure [PDF]

International Tax

Ireland is increasingly becoming a pivot in the global economy; our workforce, language, open economy and tax infrastructure make us an ideal location for aspiring companies.


We regularly work with inbound investment, from initial set up in Ireland right through to R&D credits and employee engagement for larger clients. On the outbound side, we regularly work with individuals leaving Ireland, and also assist our corporate clients to invest and expand overseas.