Private Client

Our private client offering focuses on the individual, with a strong knowledge of their personal position, career and ongoing business interests.  We support entrepreneurs’ who have succeeded in business, and also serial entrepreneurs’. 

Our approach is akin to a Family Office, where we look to support both our client and succeeding generations, with strategic advice and compliance.

Wealth Planning

It is never too early or too late to start wealth planning.  Often the best and most practical advice we can give an entrepreneur is at the start, to set their affairs with an exit strategy in mind.


However, that is not always possible.  We support our entrepreneurs, and regularly carry out reviews of their corporate, personal and pension affairs, to achieve tax the most efficient tax outcomes.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning invariably starts well before retirement, and for many business owners doesn’t necessarily end on handing over the reigns.


Ireland’s tax regime is favourable to business owners, albeit overly focussed on the concept of an identified retirement date.  Timely advice around maximising your entitlements from pensions, shares and employment is critical, together with a road map through the retirement date.

Succession & Inheritance Planning

The best succession plan should start early and often ends in sufficient time to allow the donor to enjoy their family sharing in their success.  Where we can, wee take a pro-active approach, encouraging clients to engage early, with identified timelines in mind, to make best use of the limited reliefs available. 


In many instances, a pragmatic approach is required; where we work with clients to quantify potential tax exposures, options to minimise, identifying who might be the party liable and the timing around same.  Forewarned is forearmed, allowing our clients to make informed decisions.

Property Transactions

Our property offering covers all tax heads, ranging from how to structure an acquisition to the transaction taxes when a client comes to buy or sell.


We are acutely aware that tax rules around property are constantly evolving, that every property play is unique, and there is no 1 perfect property structure.  We work with our clients’ to get the most appropriate fit for them and their project.

Separation & Divorce

In our experience, tax may often be overlooked in a separation or divorce case, with expensive consequences. 


Timely and practical tax advice at the outset of an otherwise difficult process is invaluable.

Trusts & Estates

A trust is often perceived as ‘generational money’, and to an extent those trusts still exist.  Our work in the trust space goes beyond that however, working also with families of incapacitated persons and beneficiaries of overseas trusts to ensure their financial affairs are best managed.


As regards the administration of an Estate, we assist our own clients with their gift and inheritance tax requirements.  Additionally, we also support a number of prominent legal firms with both the tax affairs of a deceased’s estate and also the beneficiaries to the estate.