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Research & Development Tax Credit – Do you qualify?

Research & Development Tax Credit Brochure

The Research & Development Tax Credit is a generous incentive aimed at promoting expenditure on R&D activities by Irish resident companies and branches of foreign companies.  A credit is available for 25% of qualifying expenditure carried out in a period. The credit is in addition to the usual corporation tax deductions and capital allowances claims, such that the total tax saving is potentially 37.5%.

The Knowledge Development Box is a tax relief on income earned from qualifying assets, often being assets derived from R&D activities. The relief entitles a company to reduce the rate of Corporation Tax payable on qualifying profits by up to 50%. In some cases, the Corporation Tax rate can be reduced to as low as 6.25%.

Our brochure summarises the tax incentives, enabling companies to establish whether your business might be entitled to benefit.

For more information click here to Download our Brochure [pdf].